City Nature Challenge 2018: Waterloo Region

Welcome to the 2018 City Nature Challenge!

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California Academy of Sciences and The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County





Which city has the most nature?

The City Nature Challenge 2018 will help us find out! More than 60 cities in 17 countries around the world are asking people to explore nature in their urban areas and document the species they find.

Help Waterloo Region show the world how biodiverse our region is by making as many observations of as many species as possible April 27-30! Any observation of plants and animals and fungi you find in Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Wellesley, Woolwich, Wilmot, and North Dumfries will count!

Building on the success of the first City Nature Challenge in 2016 between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and the 2017 City Nature Challenge across 16 US cities, the event founders, the California Academy of Sciences and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, have expanded the event around the world.

Visit for more information.

How Can You Participate?

From April 27-30, 2018, you can participate by:


1.Find Wildlife: explore natural areas in your neighbourhood and throughout Waterloo Region to find any plant, animal, fungi, slime mold, or any other evidence of life (scat, fur, tracks, shells, etc).


2. Take Pictures of What You Find: using your mobile device or camera, document your observations with photos or sound clips and be sure to note the location of whatever you find.


3. Share Your Observations: upload your findings through to be sure they are counted in Waterloo Region’s tally.



Explore on your own, or check out our schedule of events you can join across Waterloo Region. Project Page:

*** You don’t need any wildlife identification experience or skills to participate! You can upload your observation with your best guess or level of knowledge and the iNaturalist community will help you to identify what you found. For example, observations can be added under broad taxonomic categories such as “Tree”, “Rodent”, “Bird”, or even just “Life” if you don’t have a guess at all! The more you upload, the more you can learn about wildlife in your own neighbourhood. ***

From May 1-3, 2018, you can participate by:

  1. Using your naturalist skills to help identify uploaded observations in our region. Log onto and choose “Identify” under the “Observations” tab. Filter observations by Waterloo Region and the date range April 27-30 and any species identification you make will support the Waterloo Region City Nature Challenge tally.

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