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Welcome to Springbank!

Every spring it happens – the blankets of snow, piled high during the winter, peel back exposing the rich soils of Springbank. The winter rest is over and now the soil is ready to welcome visitors back for yet another season.

Spring bank has evolved into a multi-use facility that includes more than 100 garden plots available to gardeners from the community, education gardens that support school programs, and the Community Roots/Foodbank Gardens. The grasslands and nearby forest make Springbank a popular spot for birders. It is also home to North House, the solar powered home that was move to rare in 2012. Tours there are a must for people interested in green living.


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Situated at the heart of the rare Reserve, Springbank is located at 681 Blair Road, North Dumfries. Click on the map to get directions from where you’re coming from.







What We Offer

Community Gardens at Springbank –Photo by Barry Finnen

Community Gardens  –Photo by Barry Finnen


Butterfly Trail and Pavilion – photo by Jessica Grealy

North house

North house


Education Opportunities at Springbank










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