Water Symposium: Conserve and Protect

Thank you for attending the Water Symposium: Conserve and Protect

at the rare ECO Centre on Saturday, June 08, 2013

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Please see the related article from the Waterloo Chronicle.


Below are the PDF versions of the presentations from each of the speakers:


John Jackson, Director, Water Programs, Great Lakes United; Chair, Grand River Environmental Network.
Current & Future Threats to the waters of the Grand River Watershed.


Jorge Cavalcante, Manager of Engineering & Planning, Waterloo Region.
Long Term Water Supply Strategy.


Jenna Quinn, rare Research Coordinator.
Cold-water Streams at rare: Health and Importance.


Susan Bryant, Grand River Environmental Network & APT.
Where should our future water supply come from: a Great Lakes pipeline to Lake Erie? More wells? Or increased water efficiency and conservation measures?


Steve Gombos, Manager of Water Efficiency for Waterloo Region.
Regional water efficiency programs & the development of a new regional water efficiency strategy.


Derek Satnik, Managing Director and Chief Innovation Officer,  Mindscape Innovations of Kitchener.
Thinking outside of the box on water conservation.


Sharmalene Mendis-Millard, Community Engagement and Volunteer Coordinator for the RAIN Program at REEP Green Solutions.
RAIN: Encouraging Kitchener-Waterloo Residents to Soak up Rain and Save.


Lorrie Minshall, Water Management Plan Director at Grand River Conservation Authority.
The Grand River Basin Water Management Plan: Update and what it means for watershed residents.


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