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June Conversation for Conservation: Sarah Martin-Mills on Fighting Climate Change With Livestock

Conversation for Conservation: Sarah Martin-Mills on Fighting Climate Change with Livestock

For our second in-person Conversation for Conservation, we will be gathering at the Slit Barn at 768 Blair Road to hear Sarah Martin-Mills talk about environmentally regenerative farming. Sarah is the owner and founder of Growing Hope Farm in Cambridge.  Growing Hope Farm began in 2016 with the goal to help the local community, the global community and make environmentally friendly and nutritious food in the process.

Sarah has worked in social services for over 15 years in group homes, prisons and community organizations.  She has her undergraduate degree in History and a Masters of Theology which have proved entirely useless except to assure people she is slightly educated in something. Sarah has had a passion for farming since she was very young but never pursued it as it was seen as a “lesser than” career by her family. Over the past 7 years, however, she has committed herself to this vocation. She has learned through mentors, formal education, and trial and error how to farm in a sustainable, humane and regenerative way.  Sarah is passionate about the land, soil health and community!

Come out and hear Sarah speak about her challenges, her triumphs, how she has partnered with rare in the past, and what’s in store for the future. This conversation is not to be missed, so register today for this FREE event.

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