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At rare, we provide several opportunities for community members and groups to experience nature-based learning. We offer a variety of hands-on, experiential outdoor education programs for community groups of all ages including youth groups and clubs, homeschool groups, day camp programs, or adult groups. Come visit rare with your group and experience the fun of outdoor learning! See our available community education programs below.

Our community education programs are 2-3 hours in length and cost $12 per person. Full-day programs are also available for $15 per person. Full-day programs are 3-5 hours in length and may combine two of our education programs. A minimum fee of $150 for half-day or $225 for full-day programs will apply.

Have an idea for a program not listed below? Contact us at for more information about custom education program offerings.

Learn all about bird adaptations and experience what it’s like to be a bird through various hands-on activities and games. Learn how to use binoculars and identify bird species, then explore the trails at rare to see what birds you find. Binoculars will be provided.

Module available year-round

Recommended Ages:
Children 4 years + , Teens, Adults

Cost: $12/person

Community Education Program Booking Request

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