The species diversity of rare is significant for one-third of the plants of Waterloo Region are found here together with 70% of the birds, 60% of the amphibians and reptiles and 50% of the mammals. As well, about two dozen species of fish inhabit the rivers and streams of rare. This diversity reflects its location […]


While rare’s goal is to steward its sites and ecosystems intact in perpetuity, for the community to enjoy, forever, in a natural state, it also promotes the lands as a living laboratory for research — including in-house monitoring programs and partnerships with other institutions, citizen scientists, artists and Indigenous Peoples. Research then informs restoration practices […]


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rare Education department has compiled a series of activities to keep children engaged and entertained while home. View the list of activities HERE. The education department at rare attempts to provide equal space for scientific research, multi-disciplinary inquiry and Indigenous knowledge in the experience of the landscapes at […]

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