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With this series of interviews, students can learn more about careers they can pursue in the environmental field. Teachers can use these interviews to meet the needs of Strand A2 of the Ontario Science Curriculum.

Prescribed Burn Boss - Jason Sickel

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In this video, learn all about Jason Sickel’s career as a Prescribed Burn Boss / Prescribed Burn Consultant with Lands and Forests Consulting. A prescribed fire is an intentional blaze created to manage and restore forest and prairie ecosystems. This ignited fire is planned and managed by a certified “Burn Boss” who is responsible for ensuring that the burn will be done in a controlled way and that the fire is extinguished once the prescribed burn is completed.

Registered Energy Advisor - Mattias Biesenthal

In this video, learn all about Mattias Biesenthal’s career as a Registered Energy Advisor (REA) with Reep Green Solutions.  REAs like Mattias are experts in home energy efficiency and building science. They have a strong knowledge of building codes and standards as well as the energy performance of a variety of building materials. They use their skills and knowledge combined with energy modelling software to help homeowners, and those considering a house purchase, to make better informed decisions on choosing energy-saving upgrades and retrofits.

Sally Cheung - Education Coordinator

In this video, learn all about Sally Cheung’s career as an Education Coordinator with Wild Ontario. Sally’s role is unique in that it encompasses both environmental education and animal care of the raptors that call Wild Ontario home. Sally’s days are filled with teaching, whether she’s fascinating first graders with fantastic raptor facts, or mentoring volunteers to become better trainers and educators.