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ECO Camps

The rare Charitable Research Reserve is proud to host both March Break ECO Camp and Summer ECO Camps for children ages 6-12.

Based out of our environmental education hub, the rare ECO Centre, children explore limestone cliffs, hike the trails of our old growth forest, practice organic/alternative gardening, and take part in a hands-on search for a variety of species during these fun-filled weeks. From pond-dipping for tadpoles to calling for birds, catching exotic species of butterflies and identifying a variety of snakes, there is no time for boredom.

Our rare ECO Camps provide children the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, values, and motivation necessary to become environmentally-responsible citizens – all while having fun. As with our school-based programs, not only do these opportunities build critical thinking and scientific inquiry skills, they help young people form a bond with the natural world, encouraging them to be better custodians of the landscape. Benefits of this program include environmental education, contributions to physical health and well-being, and development of personal and social skills.

Explore rare through the eyes of your children when you enroll them in one of our rare ECO Camps!