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Important Information

sun iconPlease note that all rare trails are FREE and open dawn to dusk.

12065718081356232646johnny_automatic_NPS_map_pictographs_part_95_svg_hiPlease stay on the trailsrare is home to sensitive vegetation communities, and even if you’re careful the possibility of trampling flora is increased with off-trail use. We would also hate for you to  have a negative experience and go home with a poison ivy rash.

trash canPlease carry out all garbage — conserving the beauty of this natural space is one of rare’s top missions, please help us keep it beautiful.

No camping fixed Please note there is no camping, campfires, foraging, or hunting anywhere on the reserve.

motorbike The use of motorized vehicles are prohibited on all rare trails.

A Note about our furry friends…

dog on leashWe love our four-legged family members as much as you love yours, however, because of the fragile eco-system we work so hard to steward, the possibility of interactions with wildlife that call rare home, and the possibility of frightening children participating in educational programs at rare prohibits dogs on certain trails and requires them to remain on leash for others.

We do not allow dogs on the Osprey Tower Trail, River Trail, Woodland Trail, Alvar Trail, and Butterfly Interpretive Loop. However, dogs are more than welcome if they remain on a leash on our ECO Centre Trail, Grand Allee, Maple Lane, and Deer Run trails. We thank you in advance for helping us further our efforts in conservation, research, and education, and allowing the space to be enjoyed by all users by respecting our guidelines.

Trail Systems

We have three sets of trail systems on our property — please refer to the trail map for trail location, and click on a system name and picture below for more information about their trails and guidelines.

Please help us educate others in our community about respecting the land we live on. Please report any signs of abuses of the use of rare trails by calling 519-650-9336.

Parking is available at 4 locations:

    • Lamb’s Inn (our administrative hub) 1679 Blair Road, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R8
    • rare ECO Centre, 768 Blair Road, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R8
    • Parking lot across from the rare ECO Centre, 768 Blair Road, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R8
    • North House, 681 Blair Road, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R8 (limited parking)

Cliffs & Alvars

Cliffs & Alvars

Indian Woods & Thompson Tract

Indian Woods & Thompson Tract

Springbank Community Gardens

Springbank Farm Community Gardens

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