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Spark the inner land steward in you!

Are you looking to develop your employable skills and  build your resume?

Are you looking for a team building exercise for employees?

Are you looking to complete your high school community service hours?

Are you looking to make a meaningful connection with nature?

There are many volunteer opportunities that rare offers to help foster personal development while you help steward the local environment.


Our land management team at rare provides meaningful opportunities for personal development, corporate work days or if you’re just looking to connect with nature in a meaningful way. Check our events calendar for upcoming events.

Invasive Plant Management — help remove plants that out-compete native vegetation.

Trail Maintenance and Rehabilitation — help keep trails clean and clear of brush.

Native Species Planting — plant trees, shrubs and perennials to help support natural habitat.

Community Gardening — help weed, water, plant and harvest in our organic Food Bank gardens.

Volunteer Land Steward —  work with staff to monitor, maintain and improve our trails.


Become a community scientist — help to monitor species & habitats on the reserve.

Species Monitoring — identify, monitor and record species like butterflies, salamanders, or forest health on the reserve.

Research Assistant — gain valuable knowledge and experience in conducting literature reviews of the newest research and ideas on topics in sciences and the arts.


Education Programming — retired educator or aspiring teacher? Help develop and deliver outdoor educational programming that is aligned with school curriculum from Grades K-12.

Summer or March Break ECO Camp — See children’s eyes light up with wonder as they explore nature.

Events, Fundraising and Administration

There is always ongoing fundraising, communications and administrative activities at rare. Are you looking to develop your skills in the office and build your resume?

  • Marketing and Promotions Volunteer
  • Special Events Assistant
  • Office Administration Volunteer
  • Graphic Designer Volunteer
  • Community Outreach Volunteer
  • Campus Ambassadors

Volunteer Post Available! Scholarship Reviewer

Title: Ages Foundation Fellowship, External Review
Reports to: Jenna Quinn, Program Scientist, Research & Education Priorities, Partnerships, and Monitoring
Timeframe: 2-6 hours per application reviewed
Term of Office: Annually, April to June
Location: Remote
Tasks: Based on area of expertise, review and grade selected anonymous scholarship applications (typically 1-3 per reviewer) based on provided criterial
Skills Needed:

  • PhD Student, post-doctorate fellow, or comparable expertise in relevant discipline (primarily environment, restoration, conservation, but also generally science, art, social sciences, Indigenous studies)
  • Be critical, but constructive
  • Meet deadlines
  • Maintain anonymity and avoid bias by disclosing conflicts of Interest.

Training: Orientation and Scoring criteria

Benefits: Experience with peer-review process, exposure to local ongoing research in the environmental realm, improving communications skills, and supporting local graduate students by helping to award funding.

To Apply: E-mail Jessica O’Connell with cover letter and credentials or resume.

Questions? Please contact us at rare at or by phone at 519-650-9336 x126.