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Tomorrow’s Vision

Photo by Peter Kelly.

The rare Charitable Research Reserve is on its way to becoming a premier environmental research institute with local Indigenous Peoples and international academic expertise, which at the same time is true to its grassroots history and operated as a financially sustainable not-for-profit charitable organization.

We are confident that rare fills a gap, not only in Waterloo Region/Wellington, but also nationally and internationally, by providing a platform where academic excellence and Indigenous ways of knowing and being are part of the community, and stakeholders of different backgrounds can meet and learn from each other. Everything rare does is driven by research, with a strong (but not sole) focus on applied environmental questions. We define the term “environmental” broadly, including not only the ecological research rare has facilitated over the past decade, but also inviting other disciplines to collaborate ––  often involving the social sciences, humanities, archaeology, psychology and the arts, to name a few.

We are a truly collaborative, multidisciplinary site where resources can be used most sustainably to tackle big questions as comprehensively as possible, and where ideas can soar in an environment that fosters cross-pollination of (but not limited to) internationally-renowned experts, aspiring early-career researchers, artists and the larger community.

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