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As a charitable conservation, rare believes that our natural spaces are too important to simply wall off and keep people out from. We believe that people are a part of the environment, and to ensure the protection of our natural lands now and into the future, we must make the community aware of how important these lands are, not only to the health of the environment, but themselves. Thus our mandate is not just to protect natural spaces, but to share those spaces with the communities that will benefit from them and protect them for future generations. So we welcome visitors to rare lands, and offer a number of amenities and programs for the community. These include:

rare Trails

We operate over 14 kilometres of trails, some year-round and some seasonally, free for the use of the public. Click here to learn more.

Community Events and Nature Programs

At rarewe operate a number of programs and public events that explore a myriad of environmental topics, including lectures, guided hikes, gardening workshops, evening Owl Prowls, and more. To see what’s coming up, click to our community events calendar.

Nature School and ECO Camps

The rare Charitable Research Reserve has launched the Every Child Outdoors initiative, featuring nature schools and camps designed to spark a sense of wonder in nature in our next generation of conservationists. Kids and teenagers will receive an education in the outdoors, exploring nature through hikes, visits by experts, and environmentally-themed crafts. Eight-week-long seasonal nature schools are offered one day a week, and week-long camps for Summer and March Break as well as one-day PD Day Camps are also available. For more information, visit our Education Team, or check our events calendar for upcoming camp and school dates.

Springbank Farm and Community Gardens

Springbank Farm operates a garden growing fresh organic produce for the Cambridge Food Bank, as well as a number of  community gardens that individuals and families can sign up for. It is also home to solar-powered, green-living model North House.