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rare Scholarship in Graduate Research


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Ages Foundation Fellowship and Bursaries poster

The rare Charitable Research Reserve has partnered with the Ages Foundation Fund to financially assist students in pursuit of higher education. The Ages Foundation Research Fellowship & Bursaries program will allow students to study in a relatively undisturbed, yet highly accessible site in Waterloo Region. Applications that utilize multiple knowledge systems and diverse methodologies will be prioritized. The monetary awards will help ensure successful candidates have the necessary resources to conduct and report on their research at rare.

We support diverse, inclusive and equitable practices and approaches to environmental issues as we work toward meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples (self-identified and status First Nations, Métis & Inuit) of Turtle Island. We encourage applications from Indigenous students utilizing Indigenous and/or Western knowledge systems and methodologies.

We recognize that historical and present-day barriers exist that disadvantage Black, Indigenous, and other People of Colour (BIPOC) pursuing higher education. To support BIPOC graduate students making environmental contributions through science, art, and diverse inquiry, the Ages Foundation Fellowship includes a designated BIPOC award.

$15,000 will be distributed annually through this application process and awards will be given out in the following amounts: one (1) $5,000 award, one (1) $5,000 BIPOC award, and up to five (5) $1,000+ bursaries depending on the total number of outstanding applications received.  


  • Must be enrolled as a graduate student in a Canadian or International institution.
  • Must conduct research on a rare Charitable Research Reserve property or in conjunction with rare between May 2024 and April 2025.
  • Research/project has an environmental focus or component.

Applications Details:

  1. Applications can be submitted until midnight on Sunday, June 30, 2024.
  2. New projects must submit a complete Research and Land Use Application accompanied by Appendix One. Ongoing or continuing projects at rare that have already submitted a Research and Land Use Application need only complete and submit Appendix One to be considered.
  3. Students will be required to provide a final report to rare one year after receiving the scholarship, which includes a list of any presentations or publications of the work to date.
  4. The successful applicant will be notified on or before August 30, 2024.  The bulk of the prize will be awarded shortly thereafter while the small remainder (up to 25% of the prize, depending on the quantity received) will be awarded by June 2025, upon successful completion of the requirements of the scholarship (including the final report and conference presentation).
  5. The recipient will retain all intellectual property rights.
  6. IMPORTANT NOTE: please submit your application at least four weeks before your anticipated start date. This may mean submitting your application prior to the deadline to ensure your project can start on time.

Submission Details:

It is highly recommended that you contact the rare Program Scientist to discuss your project in advance of applying.

If you are not currently conducting research at rare, download and complete the rare Research and Land Use Application Form, including Appendix One. Note you are required to submit one letter of recommendation with your application (see pg. 10 for more details).

Click here to download the rare Research and Land Use Application Form including Appendix One.

If you are currently conducting research at rare and have already completed a research application form for your project, download and complete Appendix One. This will be reviewed in conjunction with your research application.

Click here to download only Appendix One. 

Submit application to:

Program Scientist – Research Priorities, Partnerships & Monitoring
rare Charitable Research Reserve

If you have any further questions or you would like a tour of the reserve please contact us by phone at (519) 650-9336 x 111. On-site accommodations are available for researchers. 

Note to Applicants

Completion of a rare research application is required for all individuals interested in conducting research or monitoring on property owned by the rare Charitable Research Reserve. Please submit your research proposal to the Program Scientist at least four weeks in advance of the anticipated start date to allow sufficient time for review by our advisory teams.

All specimens, artifacts and information collected remain the property of the rare Charitable Research Reserve.

If approved, please notify the Program Scientist of approximate start dates for all research or monitoring and the areas of the property in which they will be conducted.

Please provide the Program Scientist with copies of all peer-reviewed literature, publications, theses and reports stemming from research or monitoring on rare property.

Please send your completed Application (email preferred) to:

Research Department
rare Charitable Research Reserve
1679 Blair Road
Cambridge, ON, Canada N3H 4R8
fax: 519-650-5923
phone: 519-650-9336 x 111