Activities for Kids

As many of people are working from home amidst COVID-19 while trying to keep kids engaged and entertained, our rare education department has compiled a list of various activities — just for kids! If you happen to do any of these activities, take a photo and tag rare on social media. We would love to see what activities you choose!

rare Activities:

Download all the Paw Print activities below!
  1. rare Scavenger Hunt
  2. Paw Prints Activity 1
  3. Paw Prints Activity 2
  4. Paw Prints Activity 3
  5. Paw Prints Activity 4
  6. Paw Prints Activity 5
  7. Paw Prints Activity 6
  8. Paw Prints Activity 7
  9. Make Your Own Nature Journal Video
  10. Outdoor Activity: Create a Nature Perfume Video
  11. Make a Nature Snapshot Video
  12. Steve Sutherland’s Mugwumps Book Reading Video

rare Virtual Field Trips:

  1. Benthic Invertebrate Mirrored Research Virtual Field Trip
  2. Benthic Invertebrate Sampling Virtual Field Trip Documents
  3. Hypothetical Benthic Invertebrate Data
  4. Backyard Birding Virtual Field Trip
  5. Bird Tally Sheet Example
  6. Bird Tally Sheet

Workshops/ Courses/ Lessons:

  1. Short online workshops on a number of environmental topics:
  2. A number of topics:
  3. Inside Birding Series from Cornell — learn birding basics:
  4. Learn about bird songs and get tested along the way:

Games/ Activities:

  1. Games focusing on ocean and air themes:
  2. Recycling:
  3. Air Pollution:
  4. Desert Ecosystem:
  5. A number of phone games:
  6. Grow an avocado:


  1. Hot Ice:
  2. How Snowshoes Work:
  3. Elephant Toothpaste:
  4. Pepper and Soap:
  5. Reptile vs amphibian egg experiment with hardboiled eggs:
  6. How to make slime at home:
  7. Diet Coke and Mentos: