Activities for Kids

As many of people are working from home amidst COVID-19 while trying to keep kids engaged and entertained, our rare education department has compiled a list of various activities — just for kids! If you happen to do any of these activities, take a photo and tag rare on social media. We would love to see what activities you choose!

rare Activities:

Download all the Paw Print activities below!
  1. rare Scavenger Hunt
  2. Paw Prints Activity 1
  3. Paw Prints Activity 2
  4. Paw Prints Activity 3
  5. Paw Prints Activity 4
  6. Paw Prints Activity 5
  7. Paw Prints Activity 6
  8. Paw Prints Activity 7
  9. Make Your Own Nature Journal Video
  10. Outdoor Activity: Create a Nature Perfume Video
  11. Make a Nature Snapshot Video
  12. Steve Sutherland’s Mugwumps Book Reading Video

rare Virtual Field Trips:

  1. Benthic Invertebrate Sampling Virtual Field Trip Documents
  2. Hypothetical Benthic Invertebrate Data
  3. Bird Tally Sheet Example
  4. Bird Tally Sheet

Workshops/ Courses/ Lessons:

  1. Short online workshops on a number of environmental topics:
  2. A number of topics:
  3. Inside Birding Series from Cornell — learn birding basics:
  4. Learn about bird songs and get tested along the way:

Games/ Activities:

  1. Games focusing on ocean and air themes:
  2. Recycling:
  3. Air Pollution:
  4. Desert Ecosystem:
  5. A number of phone games:
  6. Grow an avocado:


  1. Hot Ice:
  2. How Snowshoes Work:
  3. Elephant Toothpaste:
  4. Pepper and Soap:
  5. Reptile vs amphibian egg experiment with hardboiled eggs:
  6. How to make slime at home:
  7. Diet Coke and Mentos: