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The education department at rare attempts to provide equal space for scientific research, multi-disciplinary inquiry and Indigenous knowledge in the experience of the landscapes at rare. By informing students and their classroom teachers of Indigenous histories and the current effects of colonialism in Canada, rare creates an emphasis on living together in reciprocity, based on our belief that sustainability is an attainable goal that can be reached if we recognize people as part of the environment and work together towards responsible stewardship.

Close to 19,000 students have gone through our school-based and youth environmental education program, called Every Child Outdoors or ECO, which delivers curriculum-based education programs for K-12 including specialized Mirrored Research programs — programs that allow students to “mirror” the research and monitoring activities conducted on the reserve.

We also offer public community events to help inform and to engage with the community on a variety of environmental, arts-based and Indigenous-focused topics.

You can review our Every Child Outdoors program offerings and sign up to get your local school or community group involved with education at rare by clicking here.

ECO (Every Child Outdoors) Camps

The school-based and youth environmental education program at rare is called Every Child Outdoors: a name which signifies our belief that all children deserve a chance to be active in nature. This belief is at the heart of our ECO Camp offerings.

Learn more about our March Break, Summer and PD Day ECO Camps below: