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Forest Health

An integral part of rare’s Ecological Monitoring program

Ancient Woods Canopy, by Jenna Quinn
Jenna Quinn caprtures the beauty of the forest canopy at Ancient Woods.

Six 20 m x 20 m plots were established at rare in 2009 in accordance with EMAN protocols for monitoring forest health. These plots are located in the Cliffs & Alvars forest and in Ancient Woods. Another three forest health plots were established in the Hogsback deciduous forest in 2010. Every tree over 10 cm in diameter at breast height in each plot has been mapped and tagged. These trees have also been identified and their heights and diameters at breast height have also been recorded. The condition of all trees within the plots and the amount of gap closure will be assessed on an annual basis according to EMAN protocols. This long-term monitoring will allow us to assess any dramatic changes to the composition of our forests as triggered by factors such as climate change, exotic species introductions or the introduction of pests.

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For more information on ecological monitoring at rare, please contact our Research Department at (519) 650-9336 x 111