Corporations for Conservation

Thank you for making conservation a priority in your corporate plans! The rare Charitable Research Reserve would like to acknowledge and honour the conservation efforts of 25 leading companies by assigning them privileged status as one of rares Corporations for Conservation.

For some companies, this designation is recognition of what they have already done to act as stewards of our environment via their business practices. For others, it is aspirational, offering them rares expertise and support as they work toward deeper conservation practices. For all, it is acknowledgement that their annual support of rare at the level of $5,000/year for a minimum of 5 years, is a clear sign of their support for conservation.


The Corporations for Conservation effort at rare comes with tailored recognition to help business leaders achieve their goals. We would be pleased to work with the appropriate members of your staff to determine what works best for your corporation; but, recognition could include:

  • publicity through various print and electronic media to let others know what your company does to help conserve;
  • this dedicated Corporations for Conservation webpage (at sharing leadership profiles of executives and/or employees to build pride inside your company and to set an example for others;
  • access to rares experts for presentations and demonstrations (dependent on availability);
  • guided tours for employee and/or client groups (dependent on availability);
  • priority access to rare facilities for corporate events (dependent on availability);
  • invitation to an annual appreciation reception and;
  • listing on rares Founders Wall, in perpetuity, for those joining before the end of A Natural Investment campaign and on all other donor lists associated with the campaign.


Including rare in your conservation plans by joining Corporations for Conservation shows your company’s drive for leadership — setting an example that also encourages others to take steps toward environmental sustainability. It indicates that economic excellence and a high quality of life can go together to create unprecedented opportunities.

This conservation effort and the recognition that goes with it connects customers and employees to a cause that matters for everyone. It can lead to workplace giving and healthy living.


BNY Mellon Wealth

More details to come…

Christie (Kitchener, inaugural member)

Christie logo


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Fiix (Toronto)

Fiix Logo





At Fiix everything we do falls under our triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit. Under Planet we have a vision to make the planet a better place for future generations by supporting initiatives for climate change mitigation. To do this, we are making efforts toward achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal 15: “Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt biodiversity loss.” Becoming a carbon neutral company by offsetting our emissions and also supporting rare in their work to preserve the land for research, education, conservation, and ecological restoration are a couple initiatives that we are working on to achieve this goal and ultimately achieve our vision.


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Langdon Hall

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MacPherson Builders (Toronto)

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Pearle Hospitality/The Cambridge Mill (Cambridge)




The building design of Cambridge Mill is state-of-the-art, putting conservation initiatives at the forefront. Pearle Hospitality (owners of Cambridge Mill) employ a number of energy efficient technologies, including heat recovery ventilation systems, high efficiency appliances, LED lighting throughout as well as dedicated training for our team members to better manage their utilities.
The overarching theme of Cambridge Mill is marrying the old with the new. This historic grist mill has been fully restored with state-of-the-art systems, preserving the integrity of the building and natural surroundings, while keeping modern efficiencies at the forefront.
One such example is that the building is heated and cooled geothermally, harnessing the energy from the Grand River. This system is more reliable, more efficient and improves the building’s exterior aesthetics. Although the upfront costs were twice as much as a conventional set up, long-term the energy savings will be significant.
Another example is energy recovery ventilation found in the kitchens. This setup captures 85 per cent of the heat exhaust from the kitchen and uses it to preheat both the domestic hot water and the building’s make-up air. This means that the hot water heaters — already 96 per cent efficient — heat water that’s already at 95 degrees.
It’s also the small details that matter. Large building systems get all the attention, but small energy saving tweaks are equally exciting, such as herb gardens, motion-sensitive lights and fans and on-demand ovens. Details like these are considered at every Pearle Hospitality property.

Union Gas (Waterloo)


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Logical Landscaping

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With modest beginnings as a property maintenance company, Logical Landscaping has evolved to encompass a broader range of landscaping services, including design and construction.

As a proud member of Landscape Ontario with two full-time crews dedicated to your needs, Logical Landscaping will meet your outdoor expectations. Our friendly staff are committed to customer satisfaction, as we treat your property like it is our own.

For more information or details please contact Christine Thompson, Major Gift Manager, at 519-650-9336 x118 or christine.thompson at

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