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Benthic Invertebrates

An integral part of rare’s Ecological Monitoring program

Volunteer, Kari Jansen, helps gather samples from Cruickston Creek for monitoring. Photo courtesy of Jenna Quinn

A benthic invertebrate monitoring program was initiated in 2006 in two coldwater streams, namely Bauman Creek and Cruickston Creek and repeated in 2009 according to the Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network (OBBN) protocols. Water samples are collected in the spring and samples of the organisms are identified later at rare. Data is collected at each site including substrate type, air and water temperature, stream width and depth and riparian vegetation. Water is also sampled periodically and tested for nitrates and total phosphorus. Water pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen are also measured. In 2009, benthic invertebrates were also sampled in the Hogsback, the small pond along Fountain Street and in the Blair Flats slough just north of Blair Road.

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For more information on ecological monitoring at rare, please contact our Research Department Program Scientist – Research Priorities, Partnerships & Monitoring, at (519) 650-9336 x 111