Simply put, the rare Charitable Research Reserve is more than an impressive collection of plants and animals. The species diversity of rare is significant for one-third of the plants of Waterloo Region are found here together with 70% of the birds, 60% of the amphibians and reptiles and 50% of the mammals. As well, about […]


What is Research and Why is it Important?  Research is any investigative activity that is carried out by a person or a group, with the goal of discovering something new, at least to them. Research can be conducted on existing published information, or can be conducted by making new observations. Research is not the same […]


The research and scientific study of our natural and cultural heritage that takes place at rare feeds a Chain of Learning which builds knowledge and a sense of wonderment from the most senior scientist to the youngest of student, and the public alike.   ECO (Every Child Outdoors) School Modules The school-based and youth environmental […]

rare Charitable Research Reserve
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